Fitness Friday 3

Friday Fitness 3 Nourished Simply

This week was a bit tough for exercise, but I fit it in.  For some reason I was extra sleepy this week, so getting up at 5am was not happening until today. I also started some Christmas Shopping so was tempted to not go to the gym and continue shopping on Monday.  A little “voice” kept saying you can skip it, but I ignored that voice.

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Spinning Class (1 hour)

Monday – Eliptical (45 minutes) with upper and lower body resistance and core exerices (fit in between Christmas shopping!)

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – Treadmill (50 minutes) with upper and lower body restistance and core exercises at home.  I did not wake up early enough to head to the gym before my husband left for work.  Luckily I do have a treadmill at home.  This is not the best machine to use for my ankle, but I use it only 1-2 times a week.  Brent also gave me a home version of restistance exercises in case I am unable to use the weight machines at the gym.

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Eliptical (45 minutes) with upper and lower body resistance and core exercises.  I made it to the gym by 5:30 am.  Even though Friday is a day off from work I had a ton of things to accomplish today and did not want exercise to be pushed away!

At the Central Bucks YMCA the Frosty Fitness Challege has started.  This morning I picked up my snowman and for every three workouts I get a piece of clothing for my snowman.  After 15 workouts he will be dressed and my name entered into win some great prizes.