Friday Fitness 7- ClassPass Philadelphia

Friday Fitness 7

Saturday: Spinning 50 minutes, upper body resistance and core.  The class was at 7am.  I was a bit late, because let’s face it, it’s hard to wake up that early on a Saturday.

Sunday: Elliptical 45 minutes.

Monday: Spinning 50 minutes, upper and lower body resistance, core, and stretching. My snowman got a hat today!

Tuesday: Stretching and foam rolling

Wednesday: 30 minutes Elliptical, upper and lower body resistance, core, and stretching.

Thursday: rest

Friday: 35 minutes Elliptical, upper and lower body resistance, core, and stretching/foam rolling.  My snow man now has some bling for his hat!

My snowman is officially finished!  I completed 15 workouts at the Central Bucks YMCA in a 5 week period.

Fitness Friday 7 Nourished Simply

You can see the evolution of my snowman from bare to bling.  I think I drove my husband crazy this week.  I had to make sure I was able to get the the Y to finish my snowman.  I woke up at 5am on both Wednesday and today to finish him.

Next week I am going to try out ClassPass.  ClassPass Philadelphia launched this week.  ClassPass is a fitness start up that helps people discover the best fitness classes in their city.  This service has been offer in NYC, Boston, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Washington D.C., Seatlle, San Diego, Portland, Dallas, Austin, Miami, and Denver.  Philadelphia can now enjoy ClassPass.  There are a number of fitness studios already offered with more to come.

Fitness Friday 7 ClassPass Philly

About ClassPass

  • You can workout in any city on ClassPass. Great for travelers!
  • Allows unlimited classes at participating studios.  You are permitted to visit each studio 3 times per month.
  • Allows you to vary your workouts and experience new classes.

ClassPass is offered at $99.00 per month.  Registration for classes is available through their website.  Registration is open about a week in advance for most studios.  I am signed up for a spinning class here is Bucks County on Monday.

ClassPass has given me a one month membership free in exchange for trying out the service and reporting my experience.